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太阳能背包(Solar backpack


【Product description: A solar backpack is a rechargeable backpack that uses solar panels to collect solar energy and store it in a built-in battery. This would allow people to use solar-powered backpacks to charge their phones, tablets and other electronic devices when they are outdoors or travelling, without using fossil fuels or electricity.

太阳能发板(Solar panels)


【Product description: The unique design of this solar panel, using high quality materials, with long life and wear-resistant features to make your investment worthwhile, compared with traditional energy, it can help you save energy costs, reduce pollution to the environment, let you enjoy a comfortable life at the same time, also for the Earth environmental protection to contribute a force

百叶窗帘空气净化器(Blinds, air purifier)





【Product description: This air purifier also uses mute technology to allow you to enjoy the fresh air without any noise interference, elegant, the combination of blinds and powerful air purifier, make your home more comfortable, healthy, become your ideal living space, if you want to make the air at home more fresh and comfortable

太阳能电池(Solar cells)




【Product description: Home appliances no longer need to worry about electricity supply, camping can also enjoy adequate lighting, remote areas also have convenient energy, because the Dayang group brought new solar cells, it is not only an efficient environmental protection products, but also a new way of life. He can let you away from the shackles of power supply, free to enjoy the beauty of life.

太阳能车棚(Solar shed)



【Product description: Carrying high-efficiency solar modules, can be installed in a variety of forms of shed support, construction can be large or small. Both for the vehicle wind and rain can also be used for vehicle charging, lighting, grid-connected power generation

太阳能阳光房(Solar House)



舱门采用液压开闭方式,灵活自如,开闭状态都能达到 发电效

【Product description: Carrying 3500W high-efficiency solar modules, the maximum daily power output of standard lighting up to 12 degrees, can meet air conditioning, lighting, electronic products and other applications, excess electricity can be incorporated into the market. The hatch adopts the hydraulic opening and closing mode, which is flexible and can achieve the power generation effect in the opening and closing state

太阳能发电纸(Solar power paper)



【Product description:High-efficiency flexible solar module, light weight, flexible, thin as paper, for a variety of mobile devices and storage power supply, to provide charging, extension of battery life

代洋5000Ah壁挂式家用太阳能ESS(Daiyang 5000Ah wall-mounted household solar energy ESS)




【Product description:The wall-mounted household ESS is an integrated solar energy storage system that can store solar energy as backup protection using state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate batteries and smart energy management software, manage your home's energy use throughout the day. It is a safe, durable smart home energy storage solution


Generation of integrated stacked single-phase mixing (off-grid) ESS)

【产品描述】:采用最先进的磷酸铁锂电池、混合逆变器( MPPT)和智能能源管理软件,可有效管理全天的太


【Product description:The use of state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate batteries, hybrid inverter (MPPT) and smart energy management software can effectively manage all-day solar energy use. It can be connected to solar panels, the grid, (or generators) , loads, storage of excess solar energy for use at night

代洋柔性光伏板Flexible photovoltaic panels)



【Product description:The flexible thin-film solar cell does not require a glass back or cover and is 80 percent lighter than the double-glazed solar cell module, the flexible battery sheet with PVC back plate and ETFE film cover plate can even be arbitrarily bent for easy carrying.